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The cold nights are upon us and most of us are feeling a little chilly. Perhaps your gas heater needs a service. Here at Thermelec we have a qualified gas technician who can service your ducted gas heater, or wall furnace so that it is running at full efficiency. We also service portable heaters at our premises in Malaga, just drop your heater off and within a few days we will have it serviced and ready to go.

With power bills today being so costly it pays to make sure your appliances are regularly serviced. This not only gives you peace of mind but maintains your investment and can improve efficiency, and lower your power bills.

Other ways to keep warm are to make sure there are no gaps around doorways, some people use a stick on seal around the main doors (found at a local hardware stores) to stop the draught getting through, or something as simple as a draught excluder at the bottom of the door.

If you have an evaporative air conditioner, make sure the vents are closed off and for additional heat retention you can install a winter cover on your air con to stop the draughts even getting into the ducting.

Please remember always be careful around gas appliances, never leave portable heaters unattended, or put them next to any soft furnishings, that may catch alight.