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Well winter has truly arrived, 3 degrees this morning, but at least that means we get bright sunny days.


If you are experiencing cold drafts in your home it could be that you need a cover for your air conditioner.  We have Winter Covers made to size and can fit them for those of you who do not want to get up onto the roof.  A tailor made winter cover can reduce drafts and therefore go towards reducing your heating costs.


Other ways are to make sure that your ceiling vents are closed off and check the gaps around your doors and windows. You can purchase strips of sealer that can help keep the cold air out. 


Thermelec also service wall heaters, and ducted gas heaters, all done by our qualified gas technician.  If you have a portable heater then you can drop it off at our Malaga office and we can arrange to have it serviced for you at a reasonable cost. 


Always remember always be careful around gas appliances, never leave portable heaters unattended, or put them next to any soft furnishings, that may catch alight.


Give us a call to see if we can help you keep warm this winter.