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Here we are again halfway through the first month of the New Year, only another 49 weeks to Christmas……

The hot weather is still with us and looking at the long range weather forecast it is set to be a long hot summer. Many people switch their evaporative air conditioners on at the beginning of the season, after it has been dormant for the whole of the autumn, winter and some of the spring and expect it to function perfectly, in the heat, without much of a break.

We recommend that you have your system regularly maintained to catch any potential problems before they do any damage. For example, filter pads should be cleaned every year, and changed before they start to disintegrate. If your pads are worn then the water that should run down to outside of the pad starts to run down the inside and onto the electrical components. This can be a very expensive fix, and you may be without your air conditioner on a typical 38 degree day.

Thermelec have a service department and a spare parts section so you can either book one of our experienced technicians or if you feel capable come in and buy the parts to fix your air conditioner yourself. WE are located in Malaga and are open 8 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday.