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Dear customers, it had been brought to our attention that some companies are charging an excessive amount for a simple call out to look at your air conditioner.  We have also been advised that the prices from some companies are going to go up according to the weather.  (Not all companies but some, so be aware).

If you are a regular customer you will know that no matter what the weather Thermelec charge a reasonable call out and have not increased our prices for at least 6 years.

We also stock parts of all main brand air-conditioners, so as long as you tell us the correct brand, and the problem, we will 99% of the time be able to fix the unit ON THE DAY, no coming backwards and forwards with parts etc.

Being a reputable company we do get booked up very quickly so, don’t leave it until it’s too hot to get your air conditioner repaired.   Summer is coming……..