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It seems that winter is upon us and now is the time to have your evaporative air conditioner shut down for the winter.

Your air conditioner is an expensive investment and by attending to the regular maintenance it can not only improve the efficiency of your air conditioner, it can save on your power bills.

One of our qualified technicians will come out, check the unit over, isolate the power so that any power surges during the winter will not affect your air conditioner. They will drain the tank and disconnect the belt from the motor to prevent it perishing over the winter. They will also check the unit over to make sure that when it is summer time the unit will be ready for the heat.

The technician will then install either your winter side panels or your winter cover so that the draughts into your home are minimized, therefore saving on your heating bill. If you don’t have a winter cover then we can supply one, also if you have trouble closing the vents in the house our technician will be happy to do that too.