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With the onset of a warm spring, and an even warmer summer just around the corner, Australian householders are switching on their air conditioners to stay comfortable in the rising temperatures. In WA more than 90% of homes (according to Western Power) have air conditioning units and these account for 26% of household energy costs.

So how can you keep a lid on your electricity costs in the summer months? Follow these household and lifestyle tips and save:

Choose the right model

The first and most important consideration is to purchase the most efficient model for the space you are trying to cool. This is something the people you’re purchasing your air conditioning unit from should assist you with as a matter of course (we know we do!)

Control the environment

If you have an evaporative air conditioning unit you can keep it from working too hard (and thus reduce your costs), by keeping windows cracked but your blinds closed.

If possible, your house should also be well insulated.

And you should avoid heating up your home needlessly. Over summer try and choose recipes that don’t require cooking or, at the very least, only need to be prepared on a stove top or on a grill.

Use a ceiling fan

To circulate the cool air and make your house feel cooler, use a fan. A ceiling fan will create air movement and uses less energy than an air conditioner. Using a fan can allow you to keep the temperature on the air conditioner just a bit higher, and every degree warmer you can set your air conditioner is a big money saver.

Set the temperature properly

As we said above, even one degree matters when it comes to saving money with air conditioning. Generally, you should set the thermostat as high as you can and still remain comfortable. It’s best to aim for about 25-27C. For every extra degree, energy consumption increases by 5 to 10 percent.

You don’t have to turn the unit off when no one is home

If you have a relief air vent fitted then your evaporative air conditioner can be left on when you are not at home.  At $1 per day to run it’s economical to keep your home cool for when you return.  However, if you don’t have a relief vent then we would advise you not to leave doors or windows open, unless you have proper security screens. 

Everyone is looking for ways to save money. Hopefully, following these simple tips will make a significant difference in your summer energy costs.