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The weather bureau report next week is going to be the hottest week for 3 years with temperatures predicted to be an average of 38 degrees during the day, with at least 3 days being 40 degrees or over. Night time temperatures are going to be a sweltering 25 degrees, so if your evaporative air conditioner is in need of repair then don’t delay. Ring Thermelec and make an appointment while we still have a few spots left.

Monday 8 February

Summary Min 25 degrees   –    Max 41 degrees

Very hot and sunny.

Alternatively if you find your air conditioner breaks down and you feel confident of fixing it then we hold a huge range of evaporative air conditioner parts, for all models including Breezair / Braemar / Coolair / Bonaire & Coolbreeze. Our spare parts staff are always willing to give you the benefit of their vast experience if you are unsure of what parts you need. Hope you make it through this hot period and stay cool.