What do I get for the cost of a service call?

The call out covers the adjustment of belts, float valve, as well as a full functionality check of the motor, pump and control boxes. If any repairs are required then the tech will give you a quote on the repairs

What is the warranty on the parts you sell and install?

12 months from the date of installation, this is part only.

How often should my unit be cleaned?

Your manufacturers handbook will give you their recommendations, however, some units hold the water and must be cleaned every year. All units benefit from having a regular clean and service.

What is the benefit of servicing my unit?

If you service your air conditioner regularly then we can keep an eye on calcium deposits which not only damage your pads but can corrode the metal parts causing extensive damage. Some areas of Perth have better water quality than others so it pays to have a regular service, it also makes sure your air conditioner is working efficiently.

How long should the filter pads last?

This depends on a number of factors, water quality, how often the unit is run and how regularly it is cleaned. They can last 5 – 7 years on average.

What is involved in a summer start up?

Check condition of the pads, adjustment of belt and float valve, check operation of pump and motor and check current draw on motor.

When is the best time to get a summer start up done?

We would recommend a summer start up in August / September prior to the peak summer period, that way if your air conditioner needs any repairs these can be done in a timely manner.

Do I need to shut down my air conditioning unit in the winter?

Not all units require a shutdown, any units that hold the water it is recommended as it stops the water becoming stagnant in the tank.

What is involved in a winter shut down?

We isolate the power and water to the unit, remove the belt as this may deteriorate as it is left idle over the winter. Remove calcium and alge in the tank, flush and clean the pads and if you have a winter cover the technician will fit this to reduce drafts coming through the air vents.

How do I know if my unit is still under warranty?

This should be noted in your manufacturers handbook, most air conditioners have a 5 year warranty and if you have your date of install you should be able to work this out.

What brands do you sell parts for?

Breezair, Braemar, Coolair, Convair, Coolbreeze, Bonaire brands, also we sell Tekelec controls, Fasco motors and pumps.

Can I fix my own air conditioner?

You will need to decide for yourself how confident you are diagnosing the actual fault and then working on a roof to fix it. If you are unsure then it can be more expensive than getting a technician out to fix it.

Do you offer Technical support?

No, but we may be able to offer advice.