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EOFY Sales are upon us, and many people are taking advantage of the low prices around at the moment. Everywhere I look I see bargains, this is probably the best time of year to invest in an evaporative air conditioner.

Most companies conduct their main business in the busy summer months when things are frantic, but things are quiet at this time of year and you can shop around to get the best bargains. Look at the prices of Breezair, Braemar and Coolair units there are some bargains to be had on these prestige brands

Also you will be able to pick and choose when you want the installation to be, rather than wait for the summer months when things are hectic and a wait of 4 – 6 weeks for a reliable company to install is not unusual

Look at the warranty you get with a Breezair – 7 years, that’s massive and shows how much confidence Seeley International have in their brand. And at less than a $1 a day to run you can snag yourself a great deal

Thermelec are the service / warranty and spare parts agents for these brands and by the number of older Breezair / Braemar & Coolair units around we know this product is built to last.