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When it comes to evaporative air conditioning systems in Australia, you’ve got the questions, we’ve got the answers! And if there’s a question you have that we’ve NOT answered below, drop us a line and just ask

What’s the most efficient way to use my evaporative air conditioner?

As the air conditioning unit pushed cool air through the home, its best to leave a window cracked or a door open to the outside air.  This allows the air to be blown into the room and forced out through the open door / window.  Air conditioning vents are usually positioned at the furthest point  away from the door or window to allow the air to flow through the area.  

Some of the newer model evaporative air conditioners have a temperature setting.  It is commonly recommended (by energy companies) that you set your air conditioning to run at 24 degrees as every degree cooler than this increases the energy required by 10%.

What are the typical costs of running an evaporative unit?

The great news is, evaporative units are up to 75% more economical to run than refrigerative units (they also cost much less up front and to install). In fact, Coolbreeze asserts here that it costs the same to run their evaporative unit for the whole house all day than it does to run a refrigerative unit for one hour!

Sustainability Victoria suggests the following running costs for evaporative units:

  • portable units cost 2 to 3 cents per hour
  • window/wall-mounted units cost  6 to 7 cents per hour
  • ducted units (medium size) cost 12 to 28 cents per hour.

The biggest cost saving when it comes to evaporative units, however, comes in maintenance. As it says here on the Coolbreeze blog:

With refrigerated air conditioning the cost of replacement parts can be astronomical, a fan assembly typically costs around $800 and upwards and heaven help if the compressor fails, you could be up for $1800 or more quite easily.

ith Coolbreeze Air conditioning the most expensive component, the motor, retails for around $400-500.

Is it better to leave my unit running all day, or just turn on at night?

While it’s very economical to run your unit all day and night … and while you would probably do so if you’re home all day and night. If you’re out during the day, it’s nice to give the unit a rest!

What is the best brand of evaporative unit in Australia?

Most reviews show that the best brand of evaporative unit in Australia is the Breezair. It is manufactured in South Australia and is available globally in six models and four colours. Some models features dry function, auto clean and anti-clog water distribution system. Other models have thicker pads and a touch screen.

How often do evaporative units need servicing?

You need to have your evaporative unit serviced every year. We always say if you take care of your unit, it will take care of you 🙂

What is involved in a service?

You need to clean the filter pads from time to time. You should also scrub off the calcium build up in the tank, check on the motor, control board, pump and other part to make sure they are in working condition.

Can I fix an evaporative unit myself?

If you know how to diagnose any problem, then you can fix your unit yourself. It depends on the owner’s skill and knowledge about his unit and the availability of the spare parts in stock.

Speaking of spare parts, where can I get spare parts for my evaporative unit?

Glad you asked – and hopefully you’ll indulge us with a little plug here. We are Western Australia’s largest stockists of spare parts for evaporative air conditioning units and we stock parts for all brands of evaporative air conditioners including Breezair, Braemar, Coolair, Bonaire and Coolbreeze.