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It’s no big secret — Australia starts to sizzle during the summer months. From December to February, your cosy, warm kitchen can become uncomfortable and oppressive. How can you beat the heat without abandoning the kitchen altogether? Don’t stress; there are a few things you can do to keep the space cool and inviting, but that don’t require any massive lifestyle changes.

1. Crack the windows

It can be so tempting to close your windows to stop all that warm muggy air from getting into your home, however your evaporative cooling works much more efficiently with good ventilation. So crack your windows at least a hands width in order to make sure the cool air your air conditioner is producing is able to flow through the house. If you like, you can keep the curtains drawn however.

2. Change the curtains

If your curtains are lacy or sheer, then it’s best to change them completely during the summer months. Try a thicker material, like velvet or broadcloth, that won’t let light or heat past.  

3. Install a fan or two

Sounds obvious? It’s surprising how many people actually put the fan in the wrong place or forget about it altogether. Instead of hiding your fan in the warmest corner of the kitchen, place it nearer the air conditioner and point it towards the distant, hot corners of the room.

4. Give the oven a rest

Now is not the time for giant, hot casseroles and five-hour slow-cooked chilli. Change up your recipe repertoire and add some cool or room-temperature meals to the roster. Potatoes can be cooked perfectly in the microwave and featured in potato salad or added as a side to other dishes. Keeping the oven off will significantly reduce the heat in your kitchen, as well as the rest of your home.

5. Use the BBQ

While the oven is off, why not break out the barbie? All kinds of wonderful summer meals can be grilled or roasted right in the backyard, keeping the kitchen cool and inviting. It’s also a great way to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air for a few hours before retreating back into the air conditioning. 

Enjoy your wonderful summer, and stay cool!